Then and Now, Sheridan-Irving Park

1947--Sheridan Road @ Irving Park, view north

1947–Sheridan Road @ Irving Park Road, view north

2016--the same location

2016–the same location

Our location south of Irving Park is one of four places where Sheridan Road crosses the Howard (Red Line) ‘L’.  Both a streetcar and a double-deck bus are visible in the older photo.  The 2600-seat Sheridan Theatre is just up the block, on the left.

The Sheridan Theatre was converted into a synagogue in the 1950s, and later reconverted into a movie theater featuring Spanish language films.  The apartment building that replaced the Sheridan is slightly set back from the property line, so that today the bell tower at St. Mary of the Lake Church is visible.  A few modern high-rises can also be seen in the distance.



1 Response to “Then and Now, Sheridan-Irving Park”

  1. 1 Mike June 8, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    Lovely photo. The Sheridan’s interesting marquee is due to the ordinance that certain city streets cannot have overhanging signage (compare to the Uptown or Granada) The Piccadilly Theater in Hyde Park had a similar treatment.

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