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A Chicago JFK Photo

The above photo appeared in my 1964 high school yearbook, when I was a junior at Loyola Academy. John F. Kennedy was our first Catholic president, so after his assassination, the yearbook printed a three-page memorial of him. (And to answer the usual “Where Were You . . .” question—I was in Fr. Kelleher’s Theology class when I heard the news.)

There’s no caption identifying when this photo was snapped. It might have been during JFK’s October 1962 visit. He was in Chicago for a political fund-raiser at McCormick Place, then abruptly flew back to Washington. The Cuban Missile Crisis had begun to unfold.

The source of the photo is also unclear. The yearbook’s credit page says the photo on page 166 is from the Associated Press. But page 166 also has a photo of JFK’s bier in front of the U.S. Capitol, and I suspect that’s the AP photo being credited.

I’ve never seen this photo printed anywhere else. Does anyone out there have any information about it?