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Then and Now, 69th-Anthony

1948--69th Street @ Anthony Avenue, view east

1948–69th Street @ Anthony Avenue, view east

2019–the same location

During the 1850s the first railroads from the east pushed their way through to Chicago along the right-of-way in the older photo.  By 1948 this route was part of the New York Central system.  Beyond the viaduct, South Chicago Avenue runs parallel to the railroad.

During the 1950s May Motor Sales and other buildings along this side of the railroad were demolished to make way for the Chicago Skyway.  The railroad is still there adjacent to the Skyway in our time, though now the trains are operated by Amtrak.




Then and Now, Wentworth-Vincennes

1958–Wentworth Avenue @ Vincennes Avenue, view north

2018–the same location

The last Chicago streetcars ran on the Wentworth line, from just north of the Loop to a south terminal at 81st-Halsted.  Here at 73rd Street, the cars turned off Wentworth to run on Vincennes to 81st, then on to Halsted.  The car barn was located a few blocks south of here, at 77th-Vincennes.

Streetcar service ended a few days after the older photo was snapped, on June 21, 1958.  The CTA barn at Vincennes-77th still operates as a bus depot.  However, left turns from Vincennes onto 73rd Street are no longer allowed.


Then and Now, Wentworth-69th

1957–Wentworth Avenue @ 69th Street, view north

2017–the same location

The 1957 photo features Chicago’s last streetcar line, and one of the ribbon commercial strips that developed along those routes.  The streetcars would be gone the next year.  This particular commercial strip would eventually go, too.

In 1972 the new campus of Kennedy-King College opened on this site.  Spanning Wentworth Avenue, the buildings were a classic example of Brutalist Architecture—which you either loved or hated.   The college relocated to 63rd-Halsted in 2007, and the buildings here were bulldozed.