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Then and Now, Prairie-32nd

1959--Prairie Avenue @ 32nd Street, view north

1959–Prairie Avenue @ 32nd Street, view north

2017--the same location

2017–the same location

Starting in the late 1950s, great chunks of the Douglas Community Area were cleared for new housing and institutional use.  A few blocks of 19th Century row houses between 31st and 35th Streets were left untouched, and soon became known as The Gap.

In 2017 the vintage row houses here have been rehabilitated, and new construction fills the vacant lots.  The Gap is now an official Chicago landmark, the Calumet-Giles-Prairie District.



Then and Now, Indiana-33rd

1912--Indiana Avenue @ 33rd Boulevard, view north

1912–Indiana Avenue @ 33rd Boulevard, view north

2017--the same location

2017–the same location

Located a block apart, Indiana Avenue and Michigan Avenue have long been paired.  Michigan was a Park District boulevard, while Indiana carried commercial traffic, including a streetcar line.  At this location, instead of plain old 33rd Street, we have 33rd Boulevard—a Park District thoroughfare linking Michigan with South Park Way (King Drive).

Today Indiana and Michigan Avenues continued to be paired, as complementary one-way streets.  Meanwhile, most of the buildings in the older photo have been replaced by components of the expanding Illinois Institute of Technology campus.


Then and Now, Cottage Grove-35th

1939--Cottage Grove Avenue @ 35th, view northwest

1939–Cottage Grove Avenue @ 35th Street, view northwest

2014--the same location

2014–the same location

Following the path of an old trail, Cottage Grove Avenue originally began at 22nd-Indiana and angled southeast to 39th Street, where it continued due south at 800 East. As one of Chicago’s oldest thoroughfares, Cottage Grove was lined with commercial buildings. This particular intersection also marked the starting point of Vincennes Avenue, the street behind the Standard Oil sign in the older photo.

In 1955 the city began clearing land for the Lake Meadows development and other renewal projects. Since then the area has been completely transformed, and  most of Cottage Grove north of 35th Street has been vacated.