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Then and Now, Wentworth-Cermak

1959--Wentworth Avenue @ Cermak Road, view south

1959–Wentworth Avenue @ Cermak Road, view south

2017--the same location

2017–the same location

Chicago’s earliest Chinese settlement was on the few blocks of Clark Street just south of Van Buren.  In 1912 escalating rents and ethnic discrimination prompted the beginning of a general exodus to the neighborhood around Wentworth Avenue and 22nd Street (Cermak Road).  By the time the older photo was taken, the Chinese community was already well-established there.

Today most of the buildings in the 1959 photo remain.  The most notable change is the Chinatown Gate.  Sadly, the Dragon Cue pool room—on the north side of Cermak—is long gone.



Then and Now, 31st-Wentworth

1946--31st Street @ Wentworth, view east

1946–31st Street @ Wentworth Avenue, view east

2013--the same location

2013–the same location

WBEZ’s “Curious City” once did a piece on what Chicago looked like before the expressways were constructed.  Here’s one example.

In 1884 a horse car line began running on 31st Street between Lake Park and Pitney-Archer.  Electric streetcars replaced the animal railway in 1895, and continued operating until replaced by buses in 1948.  Today’s there’s no CTA service on this stretch of 31st Street.