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Chicago Trivia Quiz #16

A quiz on departed Chicago businesses—

1. Before Old Chicago, what was the flagship beer of the Peter Hand Brewery?

(A) Tavern Pale

(B) Drewrys

(C) Bullfrog

(D) Meister Brau

2. Kroch’s & Brentano’s was a ___________.

(A) restaurant

(B) book store

(C) tobacco shop

(D) law firm

3. The auto dealer who sponsored TV wrestling was __________.

(A) Bert Weinman

(B) Jim Moran

(C) Morris B. Sachs

(D) Harry Lippe

4. Which store had the slogan “Where the Models Buy Their Clothes”?

(A) Marshall Field’s

(B) Smokey Joe’s

(C) Charles Stevens

(D) William A. Lewis

5. Which of these was NOT an afternoon newspaper?

(A) Chicago Daily News

(B) Chicago Today

(C) Chicago Phoenix

(D) Chicago’s American