Montrose Avenue Trolley Bus Trip

Today we take a trolley bus trip on the CTA Route that I rode the most—#78-Montrose Avenue—traveling east to west.  Two of the photos date from the early 1960s.  I took the rest just before the line was converted to motor buses in January 1973,


Turning from Broadway onto Montrose Avenue (eastern terminal)
Damen Avenue
Crossing over the Chicago River’s North Branch
Sacramento Avenue
Kimball Avenue
Chicago & North Western Railway viaduct (Knox Avenue)
Laporte Avenue (1-14-1973—last day of Montrose Avenue service)
Milwaukee Avenue
Linder Avenue (Illinois Bell office building, now Vaughn Vocational High School)
Central Avenue (Re-attaching slipped trolley poles)
Austin Avenue in 1961 (St. Louis Car Company 1947-model trolley bus)

Narragansett Avenue in 1960 (western terminal)

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