Who Said TV Golf Is Boring? (8-9-1953)

George S. May owned a Chicago business-consulting firm. He also sponsored high-paying professional golf events at Tam O’Shanter Golf Course in Niles.Niles-IL-Lew-Worsham-Winner-Tam-OShanter-Country - Copy

May was a master promoter who saw great potential in television. On August 9, 1953, his World Championship became the first nationally-televised golf tournament.

The conclusion was memorable, in more ways than one. Lew Worsham came to the final hole needing a birdie 3 to tie for first place. After putting his drive in the middle of the fairway, Worsham hit a wedge 110 yards to the elevated green. The ball landed, rolled, rolled, and went straight into the cup for a winning eagle 2.

This was too much for golf pro Jimmy Demaret, doing the TV color commentary. “How about that?” he shouted on-air. “The son-of-a-bitch went in!”


2 Responses to “Who Said TV Golf Is Boring? (8-9-1953)”

  1. 1 benson August 9, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    And even in spite of that, Demaret was invited to guest star in an episode of I Love Lucy the following year, and again with Lucy and her second husband in 1964. The SOB must’ve been good. LOL

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