Then and Now, 14th-Michigan

1958–14th Street @ Michigan Avenue, view west

2021–the same location

This part of the Near South Side was a nondescript commercial area in 1958.  The building in the left foreground of the older photo was then a firehouse.  The tire store across the street is typical of the businesses along Michigan Avenue.  In the distance down 14th Street, a North Shore interurban train is parked in its storage yard on the unused ‘L’ structure.

Today the neighborhood is called South Loop, and is trendy.  The firehouse has been converted into a restaurant, the tire store has been replaced by a high-rise, other tall buildings have sprouted up, and 14th Street has been widened.  Though the North Shore trains are gone, regular service has returned to this stretch of the ‘L’.


1 Response to “Then and Now, 14th-Michigan”

  1. 1 Jayg April 9, 2021 at 11:18 am

    Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway In Color Volume 1: has a great color photo from the early sixties. The area has changed so much I can’t even recognize the cross street or the orientation of the photo.

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