Higher Taxes on the Way! (7-31-1927)

Motorists were crowding gas stations this evening, trying to beat the new state tax of 2 cents per gallon going into effect at midnight.  A gallon of gas was selling for 16 cents, so the tax of more than 10% was pretty steep.  Gas station attendants were noting that customers were telling them, “Fill ‘er up,” instead of settling for five or ten gallons of fuel.

Gas Station

The Chicago Motor Club had filed a complaint that said the tax was discriminatory and unconstitutional.  However, with the state poised to collect an estimated $15 million a year in revenue, the legislature had enacted the tax anyway.  The oil companies said there was no plan to add another penny onto their prices to cover the cost of administering the tax.

That was over 90 years ago.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.


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