Then and Now, Wabash-Monroe

1906–Wabash Avenue @ Monroe Street, view north

2020–the same location

The 1906 picture is one of the most famous early photos of the Loop.  I’ve seen in reprinted in a number of places.  I’m always drawn to the fireplug at the bottom center.  We had one of these older models near the house where I grew up.  I was happy when it was replaced, because you could sit on the newer ones.

Most of the older buildings are still there on Wabash today.  So is the ‘L’.  But the replacement for that vintage fireplug is around the corner, on Monroe.


2 Responses to “Then and Now, Wabash-Monroe”

  1. 1 Garry June 25, 2020 at 9:20 am

    What I noticed is that at the intersection, they moved the posts holding the L structure up from the middle of the street to the sidewalk, the way it is on Franklin & on Lake, from Clinton to Rockwell.
    Since they’re never going to get rid of the Loop L in many decades, I wish they would do that to the entire Loop L structure.
    It would make traffic move a lot better down there.

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