The Great Chicago Statue Quiz #17

(1) WHO is this?

(2) WHERE is this?

(3) WHY does this person deserve a statue?


1 Response to “The Great Chicago Statue Quiz #17”

  1. 1 Garry May 26, 2020 at 10:31 am

    It’s Jack Benny
    It’s on Jack Benny Dr. in Bowen park in Waukegan
    He was a huge radio & TV star that grew up in Waukegan
    There’s also a bust of him in an alley named after him in Waukegan, just off of County St., which he considered a great honor.
    On the back of the bust is one of the best jokes from his show: A mugger demands money from Jack, who was a famous cheapskate on the show. The mugger says “Your money or your life” Benny doesn’t answer right away. The mugger repeats it & Jack says: “I’m thinking it over!”

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