Then and Now, Clark-Washington

1953–Clark Street @ Washington Street, view north

2019–the same location

Things have really changed at this Loop location in the last 66 years.  In 1953 Clark Street has two-way traffic and streetcars.  The east side of this block features two theaters—the Erlanger has a stage-version of Stalag 17, while the RKO-Grand is showing the movie Invasion U.S.A. (famously riffed on TV’s “Mystery Science Theatre 3000”)  On the next block north is the Greyhound bus station, with the Sherman House hotel peaking out on the other side of Clark.  And even with a traffic cop on duty, a couple of people are jaywalking.

Today the Daley Center occupies the square block east of the City-County Building.  An office tower has replaced the bus station, while the Thompson Center stands on the site of the Sherman House.  Traffic is heavier around here now, despite the one-way streets.  Will that lady on the corner wait for the “Walk” signal, or will she dart across Clark?


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