Talcott—Yes, Sayre—No!

Driving out the Kennedy toward O’Hare, you will see exit 81B, identified as Sayre Avenue. The sign here is an example of bureaucratic nit-picking.  It should read “Talcott Avenue.”

How do I get to Talcott Avenue???

Talcott is a diagonal arterial street. Sixty years ago, when the expressway was being built, Talcott was part of Illinois Route 62.  The exit was put here to serve Talcott traffic.  But because the bridge over the expressway is aligned with Sayre Avenue, somebody decided to label the exit with that name.

A view from the bridge—just beyond that house, Sayre runs into Talcott.

Today Talcott is no longer Route 62. Still, it is a major through street, while Sayre is merely one of many local side streets.  I suspect that the vast majority of drivers who use Exit 81B are more interested in Talcott than they are in Sayre.  So why not spend the money and change the sign?



2 Responses to “Talcott—Yes, Sayre—No!”

  1. 1 Garry April 26, 2019 at 10:32 am

    Far, far worse is the state’s asinine insistence of labeling the Cermak exits on the Ryan as 22nd St.!

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