The Great Chicago Statue Quiz #11—Answers

(1) WHO is this?  Father Jacques Marquette, S.J. (1637-1675)

(2) WHERE is this? 2929 W. 24th Blvd.

(3) WHY does this person deserve a statue?  French Missionary and Explorer

1 Response to “The Great Chicago Statue Quiz #11—Answers”

  1. 1 JAMES F. O'NEIL March 25, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    I never left my reply about living near Marquette Blvd and missing the answer.
    At 67nd and Hermitage was the most beautiful Italian Catholic Church. It is now a Baptist Temple.
    Most of my neighborhood friends went to school and church at St Mary’s. My Cub scouts and Boy Scout troop was from there.
    We had Catholic parade times and carnivals.
    All along Marquette Blvd.
    Thanks for the great quiz.
    PS We lived at 6720 S Marshfield. It’s still there!
    I grew up in that neighborhood from 3rd grade to 8th grade, but we attended St Justin Martyr at 72nd and Honore.

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