Chicago Trivia Quiz #10

A quiz on Chicago weather—

1.  Before O’Hare Airport, where was the official Chicago weather station located?

(A) City Hall

(B) Midway Airport

(C) Navy Pier

(D) University of Chicago

2.  The most snow recorded in a single Chicago snowstorm is __________.

(A) 21.5 inches

(B) 22.4 inches

(C) 23.0 inches

(D) 24.7 inches

3. The highest official temperature recorded in the City of Chicago is __________.

(A) 102

(B) 105

(C) 108

(D) 111

4. What was the Chicago seiche?

(A) the first recorded tornado in Chicago

(B) a destructive wave on Lake Michigan

(C) another name for the Great Fire of 1871

(D) a celebrated Potawatomi weather forecaster

5. Why is Chicago known as the Windy City?

(A) Chicago was nearly destroyed by four tornadoes in one month.

(B) Chicago has the highest average wind of any large U. S. city.

(C) The highest single wind ever measured in the U.S. was in Chicago.

(D) None of the above.



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