Then and Now, Cottage Grove-Pershing

1949--Cottage Grove Avenue @ Pershing, view south

1949–Cottage Grove Avenue @ Pershing Road, view south

2014--the same location

2016–the same location

In 1949 this stretch of Cottage Grove Avenue was a ribbon commercial strip.  At Pershing Road, diagonal Cottage Grove curved into a straight north-south street.  South of this intersection, the diagonal became Drexel Boulevard, which is partially visible behind the streetcar.  The Walgreen’s on the corner is the direct successor to the company’s first store, which opened just south of here in 1901.

Today the commercial buildings are all gone, replaced by Mandrake Park.  Drexel Boulevard has been cut back one block, and no longer reaches the intersection.  The neighborhood is being revitalized, with much new construction and a general sprucing-up.


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