Chicago Under Destruction

A few months ago, when I posted a 1954 photo of Kimball and Belmont, a reader referenced the old I.S. Berlin Printing Plan.  That building stood on the northeast corner of the intersection.  Though the plant wasn’t visible in the post, I did take a picture of it in 1976, when it was being torn down to make way for a strip mall.

I.S. Berlin---3201 N. Kimball Ave.

I.S. Berlin—3201 N. Kimball Ave.

Admittedly, you can find better pictures of I.S. Berlin on the net.  However, the story did get me around to digging in my photo archives from the 1970s.  Here are a couple of other Northwest Side buildings under destruction.

Ephpheta School for the Deaf--3150 N. Pulaski Rd.

Madonna High School–3150 N. Pulaski Rd.

This building originally housed the Ephpheta School for the deaf.  In 1949 it became part of the Madonna High School complex on the southwest corner of Pulaski and Belmont.  It was torn down in 1975.


Max Strauss Center--3750 W. Wilson Ave.

Max Strauss Center–3750 W. Wilson Ave.

This Jewish Community Center was built in 1941, with funds provided in the will of businessman Max Strauss.  When the Jewish population moved away from the Albany Park neighborhood, the center closed.  The building itself was demolished in 1976.



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