Chicago Under Construction in the 1970s

Some months ago I posted a few pictures of the old Senate Theatre on Madison Street, as it fell to the wrecker’s ball in 1976.  I also took some pictures of local construction projects during that same era.  Here are a few of them—

1971--Touhy Avenue @ Kedzie

1971–Touhy Avenue @ Kedzie

This is now the Winston Towers complex.  Note the old gas tank in the background, at Pratt and Kedzie.


1972--North Avenue @ Sedgwick

1972–North Avenue @ Sedgwick

In 1972 the city widened North Avenue between LaSalle and Orchard, so all the overhead wires for the trolley buses had to be redone.  Less than a year later, CTA junked the trolley buses and had that new wiring taken down.


Kimball Avenue @ Lawrence

1974–Kimball Avenue @ Lawrence

CTA was replacing the 1907 terminal of the Ravenswood (Brown) ‘L’ line.


1976--Diversey Avenue @ Nagle

1976–Diversey Avenue @ Nagle

Thunder Mountain Ski Resort didn’t work out, so The Brickyard Shopping Mall was under construction on the onetime site of the Carey Brick Works.  More recently, the mall itself has been rebuilt.


1978--Clark Street @ Roosevelt

1978–Clark Street @ Roosevelt

Dearborn Street Station had been closed, and the Dearborn Park development was being built on the old railyard.


1 Response to “Chicago Under Construction in the 1970s”

  1. 1 Garry April 5, 2016 at 12:03 am

    I live about two miles east of where the West Rogers Park gas holder was.
    I could see the torches cutting it up when it was removed.
    I don’t know if was coincidental, but when the first 747s went into service, I was just a quarter mile away on California & Albion & watched a 747 come way too close to it, less than 1000 feet above it. The gas holder was 350 feet tall & 300 feet in diameter.
    About that time, Peoples Gas told the Sun-Times they expected another 25-30 years of use out of it.
    It started coming down six months later!

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