Then and Now, Fifth-Sacramento

1936--Fifth Avenue @ Sacramento, view northeast

1936–Fifth Avenue @ Sacramento Boulevard, view northeast

2015--the same location

2015–the same location

In 1936 East Garfield Park was one of the city’s most densely-populated communities. In the years since, riots and general urban decline have left large tracts of land vacant. However, there has been some new construction, as can be seen on the left side of the newer photo.

Chicago’s original Fifth Avenue was the downtown street at 200 west.  In 1916 that street was renamed Wells Street. Shortly afterward, West Side promoters managed to get their Colorado Avenue changed to Fifth Avenue—the new name was supposed to increase property values.  Though it didn’t work out that way, the neighborhood is now known as Fifth City.



1 Response to “Then and Now, Fifth-Sacramento”

  1. 1 Ad Dawg April 27, 2015 at 2:59 am

    I spent my teenage years in and around this neightborhood. The businesses were 100% white-owned in the late 1950’s, 60s and beyond, while the residents were 95% Black. In the 70’s and later, it was completely African-American. I left my home at Fifth & Kedzie to join the Navy in 1960.
    I am writing a post to my blog about life for me growing up and maturing there between 1956 – 1965 when I left for college.

    Really glad I found your site. Thank you.

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