Then and Now, 83rd-Burley

1945--83rd Street @ Burley, view east

1939–83rd Street @ Burley Avenue, view east

2014--the same location

2014–the same location

We are in the South Chicago neighborhood.  To the east on 83rd Street in the older picture, the U.S. Steel South Works is visible.  As indicated by the puddles along the street, the land here is low-lying and swampy.

Today South Works is gone, its former site being redeveloped.  And over the course of 75 years, many of the area streets have been raised.  That’s why the building near the center of both photos appears to have shrunk!



1 Response to “Then and Now, 83rd-Burley”

  1. 1 eellis10 February 23, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    To say the South Works site is being redeveloped is a pretty optimistic assessment at this point. The plan they are working on strikes me as wholly unrealistic, for a number of reasons.

    But look! they did paint yet another unused set of bike lanes in 83rd Street. What a victory for urban planning!

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