Then and Now, Larrabee-Crosby

1962--Larrabee Street @ Crosby, view north

1962–Larrabee Street @ Crosby Street, view north

2013--the same location

2013–the same location

In 1962 this part of the Near North Side was thick with factories and warehouses.  Montgomery Ward’s headquarters was nearby, as was the Cabrini low-rise portion of the Cabrini-Green public housing project.  Three CTA bus lines ran here:  #10 Lincoln-Larrabee and #41 Elston-Clybourn on Larrabee, and #13 Elston Supplementary on Crosby.  A few years later there was talk of digging a subway under Larrabee, to replace the North Side ‘L’ that runs near Orleans.

Today the neighborhood is being gentrified.  About a third of the 600 Cabrini row houses have been rehabbed.  Ward’s is gone, and so are the buses.


1 Response to “Then and Now, Larrabee-Crosby”

  1. 1 SWSIDEFAN July 31, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    John – not to take away from your entry, but the 1962 photo is a curious one. Traffic in the distance in the right hand lane is clearly moving northbound, yet the car in the foreground in that same righthand lane is headed (or pointed, at least – can’t tell for sure if there is a driver in the car) southbound. And the bus to its left – I can’t tell if that is a front or rear door that is open (I wasn’t born until a few years later so that era of bus is not familiar enough to me). Perhaps the heavy snow caused some issues with traffic that day.

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